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A Deeper Heart Connection & Greater Creative Influence

Tired of feeling blocked, drained or stuck?

Get ready to be free of it all!

Hi! I’m Karen, and I facilitate the super-quick release of negative thoughts, emotions, beliefs, patterns, trauma & agreements, etc. that prevent you from manifesting your heart’s desires.

Are you tired of having to deal with repetitive…

– negative emotions – guilt, fear, anxiety, worry, grief, jealousy, anger, resentments, etc.
– triggers
– pain from trauma originating from physical accidents, abuse, etc.
– negative self-talk, repetitive thoughts

– lack of clarity – confusion, indecision, etc.

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What I released is equal to 1 year of therapy!

“My work with Karen was a mind-blowing experience. In a number of sessions, she helped me release so many things I didn’t even know were there. The process is so simple and the amount of trauma that I released was equal to a year of therapy, IMHO. These clearings allowed me to stop reacting to old triggers. I’m now able to pursue my spiritual path unhindered by blockages, implants, limiting programs, traumas (not only from this life but others), break family curses and break old contracts with toxic people in my life. Karen empowered me to know myself on such a deep level that I’m now able to manage new situations with real confidence.”

Carolyne Cardy

Stouffville, ON Canada



Private Sessions

Experience for yourself how easy it is to be freed from limiting patterns, triggers, bothersome emotions, etc. and connect to your True Essence. Click here for more information…


The core intention underlying every program  is to bring each participant into greater alignment with their Essential Nature. Click here to see the programs…

“I could physically feel when you were drawing the fear-energies out of me. This is definitely life changing. I feel free to move forward in a healthy way now. Thank you so much!”

Rosie C.

Vaughan, ON Canada

“Why do I keep coming back for more sessions? In two words, it works! I’m experiencing real results, fast! I feel the changes… I’m more naturally Me with every session. Thanks Karen!”

Mars H.

Toronto, Canada

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