Thank you for your interest.

I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation to the HeartMath Institute. Their research and techniques have had a huge influence upon my journey and my work.

Below are 3 meditations that I hope you’ll enjoy. Click here to download all 3 to your device.

Please be sure to read the information below. It will help you understand how to use these meditations.

Karen Heywood HeartThe Heart Breath Meditation

The Heart-Breath Meditation is an integral part of all my processes. This meditation guides you into the feeling-experience of love, appreciation and gratitude for yourself. Through the practice of this meditation you’ll become more attuned to the higher vibrations of love and appreciation… vibrations which are in alignment with your Essential Beingness/Higher Self.

During this meditation you’ll be asked to focus upon appreciation rather than love. This is because we, as humans, have so many limited and even negative associations connected to the idea love. Appreciation, on the other hand, is still relatively pure.

During this meditation you will be asked to recall a memory of a time when you felt appreciation. You may want to choose your memory before you enter into the meditation. For most people it’s easiest to access a memory of love and appreciation that you felt for a baby… a small child… or a beloved pet. Or perhaps a time when you were in nature and felt great love and appreciation for the beauty that surrounded you… a sunset… or a time when you were by a lake or ocean… or walking through a forest.


Karen Heywood HeartLong Version

Listen to this meditation first! It sets up physical triggers that will enable you to more access a centered state more quickly and easily every time. :)


Karen Heywood HeartShort Version

This mediation applies triggers laid down in the long Heart Breath Meditation. It’s a quick way to shift into a heart-centered state.


More Benefits…

The Heart-Breath also helps you to…

  • Become accustomed to shifting states which enables you to shift back to your center more quickly
  • Become more connected to your Essential Beingness, your Higher Self
  • Become more attuned to You and your intuition
  • Build up positive heart-felt feeling vibrations in your personal field which naturally attracts more positive people and experiences into your life
  • Raise your vibration
  • Assist the people around you, as they naturally benefit from your positive heart-felt energy field
  • Contribute in a positive way to the energetic make-up of the entire planet

Our scientific community tells us that Heart-Breathing helps to…

  • Reduce stress
  • Lower the risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks, and a myriad of other stress-related diseases
  • Activates over 1400 healthy biochemicals and hormones in your body such as DHEA which is known as the anti-aging hormone

I’d like to express my deep-felt appreciation and gratitude to the Heartmath Institute. Their continuing research offers us solid scientific evidence which validaties many of the ancient teachings. Thank you Heartmath!

Karen Heywood HeartCreating Your Future

Here’s your third meditation. It utilizes the Heart Breath in the creation of a wonderful future. And the beauty about this meditation is that you don’t even have to know specifically what it is you want to create. The focus is upon the feeling-experience that you desire to experience.

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