About Karen Heywood

Karen Heywood

Karen Heywood’s personal journey has been guided by a number of visions that began at the age of eight. These experiences were so profound, so beyond her ‘normal’ state of consciousness, that they left her with the knowing that there was so much more to Life than she was presently experiencing. These experiences filled her with a deep desire to learn how to access these profound states at will, and live from that place in consciousness.

For 30+ years Karen sought answers throughout many avenues of study including… the nature of consciousness, many spiritual teachings, meditation, numerous healing modalities, Reiki Mastery, hypnosis, bio-energetics, belief clearing, polarity therapy, the creative process (law of attraction), patterns, emotions, and intuitively feeling/sensing in, to name but a few.

As her ability to discern between subtler and subtler energies expanded, she began to notice that there was a background feeling-tone that was present within every vision and healing experience. That ‘just right’ feeling which is Presence, Essence or Source.

And, as Karen practiced attuning to this Essence in All, she discovered that the Heart fast-tracks this connection. In fact, the Heart acts as a bridge that enables one to shift into any state at will. Finally, she had learned the key of how to shift states at will!

Presently Karen guides people privately and in groups into the experience of who they really are as Beings. She holds the high vibration of Essence to activate their innate, inborn Essential abilities. She also assists them to release anything that blocks their unique path and reason for being here in this physical experience. And her heart smiles as she witnesses her clients’ and friends’ lives becoming easier, more fulfilling and so much richer on all levels of their Beingness.

Needless to say, she’s still in awe as this incredible process continues to unfold through her.



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