Emotions are like Glue

Emotions are like the glue that hold a patterned way of thinking, feeling, believing or acting in place. I know this to be true because every time I release an emotional upset for a client, I find that the pattern dissolves and the client’s thoughts and behaviours naturally shift into a more positive place. They don’t have to try to remember to ‘be positive’ any more.

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Being an empath

Being an empath can be a curse until one masters this innate ability to pick up on other people’s energies. Until this is mastered empaths are often unconsciously influenced by others’ thoughts, feelings desires, and emotional states.

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What does being neutral really mean?

When we’re neutral at the personal or patterned level of being we’re free to express as we’re moved to express in this moment. We’re no longer responding to this moment in a preconditioned, patterned manner. We’re present in this  moment, responding to this  moment. Our response is fresh, alive, originating in this  moment. We’re present now.

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