Energetic Clearing

Energetic Clearing is a super-quick way to permanently dissolve limiting patterns from your energy field & physical nervous system, and download a new, heart-centered perspective that’s freeing, supportive and nurturing.

This modality quickly releases…

  • thoughts
  • emotions
  • emotionally charged memories
  • ancestral memories
  • past life influences
  • karma
  • trauma
  • negative experiences
  • agreements, contracts
  • curses, spells & vows
  • negative influences


All this is released anywhere and everywhere it exists including…

  • all your energy bodies
  • past lives, akashic records
  • the collective consciousness (human & other)
  • cellular memory
  • DNA
  • nervous system
  • and all timelines, dimensions & universes, known and unknown


And we don’t even need to know where a “problem” originated in order to clear it! :) 

This process can be applied to anything that bothers you or any blocked desire. It’s always negative patterns, trauma, emotions, limiting beliefs and/or agreements that prevent us from attracting and experiencing our heart’s desires. Energetic Clearing can be applied to anything you feel is blocking your desired a experience, whether that be greater happiness, health & vitality, more satisfying relationships, the attainment of career goals, greater emotional stability, more inner peace, heightened prosperity and/or accelerated spiritual growth.


Release Blockages to…

  • Healthy, fulfilling relationships
  • Accessing clear inner guidance
  • Being our own best friend (versus being a victim of the mean inner critic)
  • Accessing our innate inner power
  • Accelerated spiritual growth
  • Greater confidence
  • Heightened prosperity


Once blockages are transformed it’s amazing to witness how quickly people’s lives change. Solutions suddenly pop into consciousness. The path becomes clear. Things effortlessly fell into place. Opportunities arrive on the doorstep. Information and resources appear. People with just the right qualities show up.


Imagine how great it would be to…

  • dissolve that invisible glass ceiling
  • step off the gerbil wheel by healing repetitive patterns, beliefs & traumas
  • align with and empower your heart’s desires
  • wake up in the morning full of passion and energy
  • transform struggle and strife
  • attract magic and joy into your experience

This work is done over the phone or Signal

Please note that this work is done over the telephone or Signal, so distance is not an issue. If you’re located in Canada or the US, Karen will call you on the telephone. If you’re located anywhere other than Canada or the US, Karen will be calling you using Signal (audio only).

You don’t have to wait any longer to feel good!

Set up a Complimentary Discovery Session

Having a chat with Karen will give you the opportunity to ask questions and find out how Karen can help you with your unique challenge(s). You’ll also discover if you resonate with her and how she works.

When you set up a Discovery Session you’ll be asked to fill out an intake form first. When you hit “submit” you’ll then be taken to a calendar to book your appointment.

If you don’t see a time that works for you please email Karen with your name, telephone number, the time zone you live in and the best times to reach you.



Clients’ Praise…


Crystal Clear Knowing of My Soul Purpose

Working with Karen is amazing (as always). She helped me release some really old energies that needed to be cleared and it’s like a thousand pounds have come off my shoulders and chest. I now have a crystal clear knowing of my soul purpose. I’ve been working for 5 years to remember who I am at a Soul level. Working today with Karen was definitely the tipping point. I’m so excited to get started! ~ Danielle F., Vaughan, ON, Canada

I’m Free to Move Forward!

I could physically feel when you were drawing the fear-energies out of me. This is definitely life changing. I feel free to move forward in a healthy way now. Thank you so much! ~ Rosie C., Vaughan, ON Canada

Released HUGE Resistance to Taxes

Like many people, procrastination has been a lifelong issue. When it comes to filing my tax return or filing out any type of form, my mind would turn to mush. The harder I tried to push myself, the more jumbled my mind would become.

In less than an hour on the phone, Karen did her magic shifting a bunch of energy out of my field. After our session I sprung into action. I got all the papers together, booked an appointment at a nearby H&R Block, and walked out with an $800 refund. What a huge relief, a giant gorilla lifted off my shoulders and money in the bank. It really doesn’t get any better than that! ~ Laura V., Toronto, ON, Canada

My Relationships are Better

I started energy healing with Karen several months ago. She has used the belief clearing process to clear beliefs that no longer serve my highest good. I had a childhood belief that I was always the blame for whatever went wrong. It was a very significant belief that I presented Karen with to clear. She cleared it in less than 30 minutes. As a result I have better relationship with my spouse, friends, co-workers, and myself.

I have experienced significant positive changes in my life as a result of working with Karen and doing the belief clearing. Karen’s gentle, kind and loving approach is very supportive for my healing journey. She is very intuitive which really helps with those elusive beliefs that need to be cleared. I love working with Karen and the improved life I am experiencing as a result of our energy work together. ~ DM, Georgia, USA

Free from Anxiety Attacks

“Thank you Karen for getting me through a very challenging transition in my life. I’m using the tools you have taught me, and it is very comforting to know that you are there for me when I need additional support. You are such a blessing and very gifted. I’m so happy that I decided to take the Art of Embracing sessions with you. My life has changed for the better! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” R.P. ~ Toronto, Ontario

Comfortable with My Emotions Now

“Karen isn’t just a coach, she’s a deeply enriching, spiritually attuned, and loving and compassionate human being. In less than 5 months, I literally transformed the way I look at things and myself, and genuinely, deeply, and truly love myself and my life more than ever! Karen helped me to break through my fears by loving and honouring my feelings. There isn’t anything I can’t do now. Karen you are wonderful and thank you so much!” J.F. ~ Toronto, ON

Consistent Results!

“Everyone should see Karen. She facilitates results, consistently! She’s awesome! W.B. ~ Kleinburg, ON


Huge Changes

“Karen provides a terrific and one of a kind service, with enormous practical applications. The huge changes that I have seen in my life that have taken place as a direct result of her healing techniques are absolutely remarkable. Karen’s insight, intuition and understanding of how to shift patterns is unmatched.

If you are tired of letting your old patterns run your life call Karen and let her help you give them the boot. You’ll watch in amazement as your life just gets better and better!” S.S. ~ Richmond Hill, ON

Experiencing Real Results, FAST!

“Why do I keep coming back for more sessions? In two words, it works! I’m experiencing real results, fast! I feel the changes… I’m more naturally Me with every session. Thanks Karen!” M.H. ~ Toronto, ON

Free from Resentment

“I don’t think that any treatment I’ve ever had has continued to affect me so powerfully. I can still feel it just as strongly now as I did in our session. I saw my niece and her boyfriend this week and I was totally fine with them. There was no resentment, no emotional charge at all. I was so clear and so neutral. It’s exactly where I need to be. That treatment was amazing, amazing! Thank you!” S.N. ~ Oshawa, ON

Free from Guilt & Grief

“Thanks so much for your help today. After getting off the phone I felt lighter, both physically and emotionally. I’ve been able to think about my Dad without tears streaming down my face. The heavy guilt feeling is also gone.

I hope you realize how important you are to me and I’m sure to all the others you help as well.” D.M. ~ Embro, ON

Free to Move Forward in My Business

“Karen’s strong intuitive knowing gives her a remarkable ability to connect dissimilar themes. She is a keen listener and offers very clear feedback. Karen also has a vast repertoire of practical tools and strategies to create desired change.

When I began my work with Karen I was stuck, feeling that I just couldn’t go forward with my business. Through Karen’s coaching I was able to see that my work is in a constant state of evolution. She helped me accept where I was and helped me feel more comfortable about moving forward, enabling me to make decisions and take action regarding my business.”

S.A., Life Coach & Expressive Art Facilitator ~ Toronto, ON

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