Free from guilt & grief

I was a little nervous about the call because in the past I have been a mess after energy healings. However, I found that my worry was unwarranted because Karen’s clearings are very gentle, and yet very powerful.

Before working with Karen I was feeling a lot of guilt around my father’s death. I would get teary-eyed if anyone even mentioned my Dad. And recently, whenever a loved one has died, I have been a complete mess and stuffed my emotions down even more deeply.

After working with Karen I find that I am truly at peace with Dad’s death, as well as my relationship with him.And although we only focused upon releasing the guilt I was feeling around my Dad, I find that I’m also completely at peace around other family members’ deaths. This is a bonus! Thank you Karen! My breathing feels so much “lighter”, as if a weight has been lifted from my chest and abdomen.

What amazed me was how quick and easy this clearing was.  In a half an hour I shed something I had carried for 10 years. I feel like I’ve been set free!

Thank you Karen!

Many blessings and hugs to you.



Oregon, USA

Free of Judging Myself around Charging for Healing Services

Before working with Karen I lacked clarity, vision around my purpose. I doubted my abilities as a healer. And I certainly didn’t believe it was possible for me to make a living doing healing work because I held a deep-seated belief that it’s “unspiritual” to charge money for healing services.

After only one session with Karen I no longer have any doubt around my healing abilities! I’m so relieved to be able to say that I’m now free to move forward with a new sense of clarity and purpose. Going with the flow no longer scares me. And, the icing on the cake is my feeling a “rightness” around charging for my spiritual healing services! Amazing!

Karen, I’m so grateful for this new-found freedom. I love how I’m now able to delve deeper into my personal practice. I so deeply appreciate your gifts and look forward to working with you again!


Vancouver, BC, Canada

Thriving, without worry!

Thank you so much for the flabbergasting session !

I felt really well today, thriving through the day without worries. It’s a state I usually don’t feel for very long, you see. The underlying heaviness is gone and I feel happy to be on earth ::)))

I’d like to schedule a second session so I can feel even better!



Free from negative influences!

Unbeknownst to me a “healer”, who is a Licensed Chiropractor that I had seen at the beginning of the week, had inserted herself into my field. All week I was being bombarded with negative thoughts that had quickly eroded my confidence and my trust in my intuitive knowing. I was totally knocked of my center. By the time I connected with Karen I was a mess. I was feeling hopeless, overwhelmed and angry. I was disconnected from my intuition and was constantly second guessing myself.

When Karen found this individual in my field and removed her, I felt immediate relief. My mind got quieter. My body began to relax. And, I was able to access my own Spirit and my intuitive knowing again. I was back!

Then she coached me on how to discern between messages from the egoic patterning and messages from my Spirit. I can see how this basic information will help me, so much with every future decision.

Since our session together I’m feeling so much more relaxed and comfortable in my skin. I have the knowing that I can access my own intuitive guidance and receive clear answers. It’s such a relief knowing I can trust myself! I feel now that I can more fully express my Purpose. Thank you so much Karen I am so grateful for the work you do! 

Elizabeth G.

Nova Scotia, Canada

Clear of the old abandonment energies & I’m now feeling deeply connected to the love & joy

I was feeling dissatisfied with my romantic relationship.I wanted more commitment from my partner but I really wasn’t able to clarify what that really meant or might feel like.

As Karen began her clearing, I heard the phrase, “They always leave!” I burst into tears as I told Karen what I had heard. She proceeded to release layer upon layer of trauma, grief, pain, and sorrow. She also identified a vow, “Never again!” She cleared all this past life experience and ancestral memory out of my fields as well as the cellular structure and DNA in the physical body.

After the clearing I realized that I was trying to define my relationship by focusing upon what was lacking. Now that I’m clear of these old abandonment energies, I’m perceiving an entirely different picture. I now realize how beautiful my relationship is and what a wonderful man he isNow I feel deeply connected to the love and joy we share. It feels so, so good.

Wow! Karen’s energetic clearings are so, so powerful!

Eram Saeed

Texas, USA, From Heartache to Joy Global Summit

Less Pain & Increased energy! Cut pain meds in less than ½!

I recently had a backstage pass with Karen Heywood, and want to share my experience.

I’ve been dealing with chronic pain and chronic fatigue for 30 years. Since my session with Karen I’ve really noticed a lot of positive differences in my health and my energy levels.

As Karen began to clear the trauma from a number of car accidents, she found that I was being heavily influenced by a number of dark beings who were “feeding” off of my energy. Now I realize why I’ve dealt with chronic fatigue for almost 30 years after that bunch was removed!!! Karen identified an energetic vow from a past life that was still influencing me and was able to remove this too! After she removed the vow, I immediately felt lighter and I was giggling inside. What a huge difference and a huge relief to be free from all of this!

The differences are many. First and foremost on my mind is that I’ve been taking half to less than half of my pain medications, every day since our session. My energy level has increased tremendously and I’ve been walking the dog for 45 minute walks instead of the usual 20. The day after our session, I was actually able to vacuum the basement which usually would take me a couple of days. It would also make me hurt quite a bit, where on this day, I didn’t even feel like I had vacuumed. Yay!!! Along with theincrease in energy, I have a better feeling of being more comfortable in my own skin and body.

Karen was such a sweetheart and very personable.  I thoroughly enjoyed this session and I continue to live a better life than I have for so many years.

With my heart full of love and gratitude, I want to thank Karen for this life changing wonderful experience!! She really is the real deal and can make a difference in your life too. I look forward to listening to her on FHTJ on June 5th and purchasing her package.

Suanne Wilkinson

Toronto, Canada

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