Group Sessions


Every Thursday for 4 weeks ~ beginning November 30th through to Thursday, December 21st
@ 1 pm Eastern (in Canada & US)/10 am Pacific/6 pm GMT​


& Step into Your Innate Abundance and Allow Riches to Flow

In this month together we will dive deep into a huge collective belief around scarcity and lack of abundance. We all have patterns which have created a massive deficiency in our self-worth and self-esteem. With this kind of energetic structure in place we don’t believe we deserve to have abundance on all levels, including financially. This lack of “having the right” (for abundance) also creates a belief that spiritual people shouldn’t charge market value for their work. This impacts those doing the work, and those needing help with accessing and revealing their Light.

WEEK 1: Release the experience of poverty from ancestral memory and past lives, including vows of poverty, etc.

WEEK 2: Release the beliefs, “It’s better to give than receive”, “You can’t make a lot of money doing spiritual work” and “It’s selfish to have more than others.” 

WEEK 3: Release any feelings of shame, embarrassment, anger, envy, as a result of lack of money.

WEEK 4: Release the belief that you’re unworthy of, or undeserving of, prosperity and abundance.


In this month we release the false matrix of unworthiness and lack.  

Scarcity is a mindset that controls our ability to create and produce abundance in our lives.  An integral part of this pattern is that we’ve been entrained to believe that giving is more honorable than receiving. Instead we embrace a world of possibility and the right to have whatever we desire.

70 min {Live Video}

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