The Freedom Circle

A place to...

release limitation, struggle & contraction;
embrace your Essence, your Spirit;
raise your vibration;
& come home to You.

Meet weekly to keep your vibration climbing higher and higher with...

clearings, meditations, essential knowledge & direct experience.

The next 4-week block begins Wednesday, November 29th, 2018 @ 9:00 pm EDT.

In these four 1.5 hour sessions our focus will be upon releasing triggers and limiting patterning that cause you to feel...

●  stressed around money  ●
●  worried that you'll be triggered  ●
●  dreading family events  ●
●  overwhelmed, super-busy  ●
●  not good enough  ●
●  unappreciated  ●
●  left out, unwanted  ●
 lonely, isolated  ●

Karen will also be taking calls from individuals who raise their hands on the call.

These calls are recorded and available for download.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Karen with your questions.

Clear the way!

4 weeks ~ 1.5 hour group sessions



Reg. Price $156 USD

Save $78

That's less than


Free yourself!

4 weeks ~ 1.5 hour group sessions

PLUS... one 50-minute private session



Reg. Price $375 USD

Save $198

All this costs less than

a regular priced session!

Sessions must be booked in the year 2017

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