What to do about ‘shoulds’

What to do about ‘shoulds’

The voices in our heads are always eager to offer up suggestions about what we ‘should’ do. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to do what we know we ‘should’ do. And this is when the inner war sets in… the war between what we think we ‘should’ do and that part of us that feels unable to do what we know we ‘should’ do. This can drive us crazy! This experience is also energetically draining with its polarized push and pull.

So what is this really all about?

In my work with hundreds of people I have found that both sides always want what is best for us. No one part is ever really against us, even if on the surface it looks like self-sabotage. Underlying the self-sabotage is a deeper desire to ensure that we’re safe. And that part is doing everything within its power to achieve that objective.

So what can I do about this?

We can do a number of things to help to bring peace to these warring patterns…

  1. Recognize that both these warring patterns want the same thing… to be safe (or free, or happy, etc.)
  2. Attune to the Intelligence within the pattern (that animates this pattern) and recognize and acknowledge that this Innate Intelligence is a part of You, Your Spirit.
  3. Do your best to be kinder to yourself, to all parts of you, to all the voices. They just want to be seen, heard and acknowledged.
  4. Ask your Spirit to bring these parts of yourself back into harmony, back in Oneness.
  5. The “Future Meditation” is also an effective way to bring warring factions to a place of peace. You can use this meditation to breathe peace into the parts of you, to breathe peace into your future experience. You can access it here.

Wishing you much peace!

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