What does being neutral really mean?

What does being neutral really mean?

When we’re neutral at the personal or patterned level of being we’re free to express as we’re moved to express in this moment. We’re no longer responding to this moment in a preconditioned, patterned manner. We’re present in this  moment, responding to this  moment. Our response is fresh, alive, originating in this  moment. We’re present now.

Being neutral doesn’t mean  that we’re neutral to Life. It doesn’t mean  that we walk through life feeling nothing. Quite the contrary.  When we’re neutral to our personal patterning all the energy that was being utilized to maintain control of self and others is freed up. Now we have access to an infinite supply of energy. We feel more deeply. Our perceptive abilities are clearer and we’re able to know the truth and respond appropriately. We are fully present and able to attend to ‘what is’ present before us in this  moment.

What does being neutral feel like?

When a pattern is brought to neutral we’re no longer bothered by it. Thinking of the issue no longer evokes a response, positive or negative. We’re no longer polarized. When we think of the issue it’s just neutral.

When we meet a situation that used to trigger us, now it simply informs us, clearly. Now we’re free to express as we’re moved to be in this  moment. We’re freer to make a choice that’s no longer influenced by our patterning. We’re freer to open to our innate knowing and know  how to respond in a manner that’s appropriate for all involved.

The practice of the embracing teaches us how to embrace patterns and bring them to neutral
. This practice also helps us become more conscious of what neutrality feels like so that we can more easily access this state at will.

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